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Fairing Moto Martin

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Fairing Moto Martin
Half fairing fitting Moto Martin motorcycles in the eighties. In red GFK Dimensions: Lamp cutouts: 13.5 cm Width at the top end of the disc: 43cm Width next to the headlights (handlebar cutout): 43.5 cm Width lower front: 31 cm Width lower back: 43 cm Total height without pane: 45 cm The cladding is manufactured in such a way that it can be flexibly spread or pulled onto brackets without damaging the Gelcoat or GRP.In connection with the fairing, we offer the matching front spoiler to make the endurance style of bygone days perfect. This fairing is very nice for many classic motorcycles with special chassis from the 70s and 80s. A transparent screen and / or a headlight set is optional. We designed and manufactured the headlights with base plate to fit the fairing we made. In order to guarantee the best possible fit, the headlight set is only sold as a complete set with the GRP fairing that we have made. The headlight set is not sold as a single component!
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